I cried violently before God. I adored Him deeply. In the Spirit, I was immediately with Jesus in Hell.

From this vision, I saw a man who was completely immersed in a sea of steaming black mud. The man is an Indian pastor. Jesus and I stood looking at the man. The man was crying. He stretched out his hand to ask God for help. God started crying. Tears flowed from His eyes. He looked at the man helplessly. Lord Jesus, me, and the Indian pastor all wept.

“What did he do?” I asked.

“Ask him” answered Jesus.

“What brought you here, sir?”

The man replied, “I used to be a faithful servant of God in Bombay, India until I fell into an act of immorality. I felt so ashamed to confess my sins. I started keeping some women outside my wedding house. I had sex with them. I slept one night and it was the last. I saw myself in a sea of mud.”

He continued, “I thought it was a dream. I said to myself. I must repent now before this dream comes true. I then heard the sound of mocking laughter above from Hell. The demons told me that I was dead and this is where I will be forever.”

The man raised his hand in tears. The white robe of Jesus was also wet with tears. Jesus pulled my hand away from the man.

A man is walking in Hell and gathering sulfur. He collected stones of sulfur and although the stones of sulfur burned violently, he continued to collect them. “Oh my God, I can’t believe that the gold here is endless. I will continue to collect them more and more. I love these treasures. Oh my God, thank You for a wonderful blessing.”


His hands were damaged by the brimstone. The fire crushed the flesh and skin on his hands until they were peeled off and looked blood red. All have been destroyed. He is also a pastor.

We went further on and I saw a woman in a hole. She was naked and the devil poured acid on the cover of the manhole. The woman is bathed in acid. The more she touched her body, the more the acid was damaging her body. Her skin was peeling off. She couldn’t stop touching her body.

I saw a woman walking proudly through Hell. She is also a pastor. She is naked. “I have to buy more clothes and more designs. I have to be at my best when I get on the pulpit on Sunday. Shoes have to be the best and then, I also need a new car. ” So she said. Jesus shook His head.

God said to her, “You have allowed worldliness to cause you to come out of your calling.”

It was so sudden. Then we were outside Hell.

Jesus said, “Tell My People not to make Me cry anymore. I cry enough. I don’t want them to come here again. ”

God then disappeared.

I shouted to God, “Don’t leave me here. I will follow You. I don’t want to live on Earth anymore. ”

I heard God’s voice, “Pius, it’s not time yet. For now, it’s time to preach. Write what you have seen and warn My people. ”

Presented by Pius Joseph

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