Here I will specify some satanic strategies used against humans.

The plan of kingdom of darkness is to wage war against humanity and have us be wiped out, by killing us, stealing from us and destroying us. Psa_94:21“They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood”.

Some of the popular places of witch gatherings are in “Cemeteries”, “Mountains”, “Forest”, “Old schools or abandon buildings; even old church buildings.”
If they are in the forest, they are like to make a “Tree Altar”, and if they are in a rocky mountain, they are likely to make a “Stone Altar”.
In a Cemetery they are likely to make a “Soil Altar”, which is called a cemetery altar. If no stone, soil or tree are available, the would use anything available if needs be. 

Deeper information on Altars are given here – CLICK HERE.

In the kingdom of darkness, the satanic world do not schedule attacks against people who are not a threat or causing damage to or obstructing the satanic operation in the land, sea and air.

Whenever someone pray with fire [mixed with tongues], the kingdom of darkness, will set up resistance and will seek to guard and defend themselves against the prayers. They will seek out the source of this fiery prayer and when they find that servant of God, they will send monitoring demons to monitor the person’s life.
Note: Before a satanist or witch can launch an attack or counter attack, they must first send demons to survey the attacker, as to prevent a rebound when witch’s retaliative attack is launched.
They will look for doorways and if there is none they will try to create one by setting snares.
Delegates would be sent to his/her city, neighbourhood, street, compound and workplace in order to neutralize the person’s prayers.
This would be done by injecting a vaccine called “Vaccine of Resistance and Repetition”, the use of “Enchanted powders”“organizing set-ups”“Using the Sting of Death”“Shooting arrows”, or by unleashing a sect of demons called, “Demons of high destruction” etc.

In effortless strategic attack, they use “Divining Mirrors”. They would summon the spirit of people to appear in the mirror so they could kill that person as a sacrifice of death. They would use different demonic tools to kill.
If the person is a Christian on fire of the Spirit, a fire would project from the divining mirror and burn the witches or satanists.

​There are specific demons called Demons of “Slumber & Drowsiness” who are skilled in manipulating hormones by injecting a venom called “Venom of Slumber”, These demons are also demons of infirmity.
When this poison of Sleep/Slumber is injected into you, you will have difficulty in staying awake to pray, even during the daytime. Note, ​there are dead prayers and lively prayers. We must always pray with fervency and vibrancy; not sluggish and lifeless.

Many people would experience being strong and alert before prayer, but as soon as they start praying there would be drowsiness and eventually slumber. Therefore, the person would start prayer and fall asleep in the middle of praying, not having finish the prayer.

These demons are skilled in manipulating your Circadian rhythms specifically the sleep-wake cycle which functions by the body’s internal clock.
They disturb the hormones “Melatonin” and “Serotonin” in a person’s body. Manipulation of these hormones will result in drowsiness and slumbering during odd times of day.
When the circadian rhythm is thrown off, it can create significant sleeping problems, including insomnia and Narcolepsy-like symptoms.

This strategy prevents your prayer from taking form, or even making connection with the heavenly realm. It aborts your prayer’s effectiveness even before it is birthed. It neutralizes the potential energy of your prayer and prevents it from converting to thermal energy, radiant energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, electrical energy, motion energy, sound energy, elastic energy and gravitational energy.
As long this situation continues during prayer, the destruction of the person’s prayer life is sure.

Also, We should try to pray while we are energetic and strong. At bedtime when your body starts whining down, it’s time to give God praise and thanks and listen to a soft audio bible or Worship that would usher you to bed.
The mistake is to start praying when you feel it’s time to go to bed. At this point your body is already in a sleep mode and you become susceptible to slumber. Demons can easily intercept.
There is a prayer sacrifice that a Christian does when he or she is sleepy, but this is done in another level of prayer authority. This is discussed in another page.

They would  also use bewitchment and distraction against you: wife, husband, children, friends etc. They will send unpredicted situations or send people in order to keep you away from church, or prayer or the bible. ​

In Conscious witchcraft, the person knows that he or she is a sorcerer. These agents of darkness are many in Churches.

Unconscious witchcraft the person is not a initiated witch, but the person’s spirit is being used by conscious sorcerers. In unconscious witchcraft, the sorcerer can use your image to go and attack people in dreams. That is why you will dream that a family member or someone you know is attacking you or trying to kill you.
Therefore, to discover this form of witchcraft, you just have to analyze your dreams. For example, in your dream, you would see yourself either eating or drinking something that is unclean, or serving unclean foods, or having sexual intercourse or even flying over the city. It is a Conscious witch that is using your spirit to operate in the witchcraft realm.

I want to let us know that the same way that God would give his people a new heart – Ezekiel 36:26, “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you”, it is the same way the Demons would give people a black heart and a contrary spirit.

Whenever a command is given by Satan, it must pass through a channel of delegated authority. Each rank will confirm that the command was signed, authorized and handed down to the rank below them.

​SATAN – Fallen Cherub and ruler of the heavens; and gives order to Principalities

PRINCIPALITIES – Rebel Angel Princes who execute the principles of the dark Kingdom over the Nation and gives orders to Powers. They will confirm that they received, signed, authorized and handed down the command to the rank below.

POWERS – PROVINCIAL REPRESENTATIVES – Powers are Ambassadors and Councils that takes decisions for the Nations who are under the bondage of Principalities. They are authorities and give orders to Ruler of darkness, Demon ruler of Bureau. They will confirm that they received, signed, authorized and handed down the command to the rank below.

RULERS OF DARKNESS – [DEMON RULER OF THE BUREAU] – Dominators over the spirits that work in the 5 kingdoms of darkness through Satanism and witchcraft etc. These gives orders to the street demons. They will confirm that they received, signed, authorized and handed down the command to the rank below.

HIGHWAY & STREET DEMONS – These are stationed to every street and give orders to Toilet Demons. They will confirm that they received, signed, authorized and handed down the command to the rank below.

DEMON OF THE TOILET – There is a demon connected to every house toilet, and these are the delegates of satanic world. They collect information about all what that goes on in the home. They are in every toilet and give orders to the Community witch. This demon is called Magdalene in the Satanists’ world. They will confirm that they received, signed, authorized and handed down the command to the rank below.
There are times when a stranger or a friend who is into witchcraft would ask to use your toilet. This would be a tactic in order to open a satanic portal in your toilet, to bring up demons into your home.

COMMUNITY WITCH – They are assigned to homes that are targeted for destruction and gives authorization to the Satanic world. They will confirm that they received the information from the above rank.
These functioning agents of Hell will be explained in details on other pages. ​​

The Telecommunication towers and Communication Infrastructure of Darkness is very sophisticated, having satellites, Cameras, radars and towers all over the earth.
We should know that PRINCE OF JAPAN is the Principality of communication, computer, transmission, television etc. However, Leviathan is the god of the communication system of hell.
This is set up in the Pandemonium kingdom of darkness, the capital of the dark World.

The demons of communication would set up their communication antennas at close proximity to our Earthly towers and would monitor every text and call that passes through our earthly towers. This monitoring takes place in the Witches’ Central Tower of Communication.
In many places, the texts and calls would pass through the communication system of Hell before it reaches the other person on Earth.
These Communication towers monitor and analyzed messages at 12 midnight while they cast enchantments.

Spider webs in a home are used as communication antennas, to transmit signals back for forth between your home and the marine kingdom. When ever you see spider webs in a place where there should not be one, be mindful of the snares of the witches.
Sometimes, you would be walking in an open place, and you would feel a spider web cut across your face. This is the presence of witchcraft and demonic telecommunication lines.

The Eiffel Tower is a communication tower of the pandemonium kingdom, while the Pyramids are also communication towers for wireless communication. Also, the obelisks towers are also communication towers.

TELE- DYNAMITES – Peeping Mirrors 
Whenever a person has an item that belongs to the satanic world, [whether in their home or on their person], this person would fall under satanic manipulations and would become a target marked for destruction.
In the spirit realm, these items would give off a red light that would be seen in the astral realm from space. The lights signal the satanists as to those who are marked for destruction.
However, the satanists would use a demonic item to monitor and search for those who are beaming red lights and marked for destruction; this item is what they call a “TELE-DYNAMITE“.

Touch of the hands is a gateway through which virtues can be transferred or taken. Many people have had their life destroyed because of hand shakes, palm reading or mere holding of the hands.

When a servant of Satan wants to steal your life, they would slap your “right hand”, or would touch or hold your right hand; your right hand contains your life. If they want to steal your wealth or nobility they would slap your “left hand”, or hold or touch your left hand; the left hand contains your riches and honour, (Pro 3:16). During Palm reading, many people lost their destiny to the Diviner.
The Satanists would also put holes in the hands of people in order to steal your destiny. Putting holes in things that handle money is a curse of poverty – (Haggai 1:6, 9).

To note, there are mysteries in your left hand and right hand that we do not know about but they are in the bible. E.g., When you are anointing with oil, you should do the anointing with specifically your right hand; and you should hold the bottle of oil in your left hands.  ​

​There is another doorway that attracts demons and Sirens and this is “NAKED PARENTS” in the sight of the child/children.
The witches would cast influential spells to influence the parents to be naked in the sight of the child/children.
Parents bathing with their children and walking naked in front their children brings a curse upon the children. Children should not see their parents naked according to the Old Testament.
Because of this, the kingdom of darkness knows that this is a usual practice among family members, therefore, they take the opportunity to cast demonic manipulations upon the children.

Lev 20:21, “If a man takes his brother’s wife, it is an impurity. He has uncovered his brother’s nakedness, and they will be childless.”

Many marriage are suffering from severe damage made by the kingdom of darkness. In many instances, the Marine kingdom would formulate an enchanted perfume that would cast spells on the men who inhale its aroma.
These men would go home and immediately the family would come under chaos which would eventually end in divorce or bloodshed. This destructive power would start with a simple misunderstanding, then it would become an argument and escalate into a confusion.
Even Christian marriages are subject to this curses if there are an open door. Anger and unforgiveness among family member open a doorway for demonic operations.
​If a Man of God doesn’t have a powerful wife, she will be used as a ln instrument.

NEEDLES OF DEATH – The Satanists would use needles of death, Arrows of death and most powerfully the Trident of Poseidon in order to kill a Christian. These are the weapons that are used heavily in Voodoo.

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